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  • Rapid muscle congestion
  • Helps improve training performance
  • Helps increase endurance and muscle strength
  • Helps boost concentration during exercise

You've all been waiting for it, and it's finally arrived with great fanfare on our e-shop. Our new pre-workout PUMP RX will help take your workouts to the next level. With an improved composition straight from our labs, this booster will boost your training performance like never before. This new ultra-concentrated formula with powerful ingredients easily earns its place among the elite of contemporary sports nutrition.

A modern design, unparalleled performance until now: discover without further delay the PUMP RX , flagship of the pre-workouts, exclusively on our e-shop . The time has come: unleash your potential.


What makes this product one of a kind is its innovative and complex formula of powerful, body-friendly ingredients. First, this first-class pre-workout is distinguished by its almost non-existent sugar content . Indeed, most pre-workouts on the market have very high "simple" sugar levels for the simple reason that it is cheap and offers a temporary energy boost. Nevertheless, this is an unwanted calorie intake that you want to avoid, especially if you are looking to lose fat. Plus, instead of giving you a real energy boost, it will cause your blood sugar to spike and drop quickly and leave you sluggish at the start or mid-point of your workout.

This new formula is also enriched with vitamin B6 and B12 , which will respectively reduce your fatigue and contribute to a robust energy metabolism. But these are not the only benefits that these vitamins have for your body! Indeed, vitamin B6 also helps your body regulate its hormonal activity as well as strengthen your immune system. For its part, vitamin B12 will stimulate your overall energy via a global beneficial approach on your body: helps in the production of red blood cells, cell division, as well as the normal functioning of your nervous system.


This ultra-innovative pre-workout formula has greatly reduced the list of ingredients it offers. Why ? Quite simply to increase the concentration of interesting ingredients to boost your performance. Indeed, most pre-workouts on the market have long ingredient lists, and this often means that most are superfluous and have no scientifically proven benefits to boost your energy. A golden rule should be followed: if the energy benefit of the ingredient has not been scientifically proven by various studies, it should be avoided. It is on this basis that we created the PUMP RX : a concentrate of power, without superfluous ingredients. A pure and balanced booster, which goes straight to the point.

When we talk about interesting ingredients to increase your performance, let's name them. In this new exclusive formula, you will find extremely concentrated levels of creatine monohydrate , Beta-Alanine and L-Arginine . These 3 agents, well known for their stimulating effects and their direct impact on explosiveness, strength and muscle congestion, are almost twice as present in PUMP RX as in other pre-workouts available on the market. How is this possible? Quite simply by removing all superfluous ingredients to keep only the best, and make them reach new heights.

Finally, let's talk about the ingredients that are not present in the PUMP RX . In this new formula at the forefront of sports nutrition, say goodbye to caffeine and taurine. Extremely present in most pre-workouts, these ingredients have undeniable stimulating virtues for your energy metabolism. But is it the right energy? These ingredients will attack your body by injecting it with “pure” stimulants.

In excessive amounts, caffeine and taurine can cause nausea, high blood pressure, tachycardia or strong muscle cramps and headaches. In short, they are relatively bad ingredients for your body if consumed regularly.

For their part, Beta-Alanine, L-Arginine and creatine will have a more complete effect on your body, thus making it possible not only to provide a very substantial energy gain, but also to help muscle growth and recovery while respecting your body. You got it: PUMP RX only has room for the best.


One of the notable effects of the PUMP RX is its impact on your blood circulation. This will in particular be stimulated by the production of nitric oxide in the body, which will directly act on the dilation of your blood vessels. This allows nutrients to flow better into your muscles, eliminating waste faster, and increasing oxygen delivery for intense, sustained exertion.

This will therefore logically allow you to perform longer sports sessions while maintaining an almost constant level of strength. In particular, this makes it possible to add, with the same load, one to two repetitions per exercise - which constitutes immense progress for the muscle. This revolutionary pre-workout will therefore allow you to go the distance on your most advanced workouts while continuing to progress, even during difficult periods when you tend to stagnate or feel more tired.

Finally, this powerful pre-workout with complete action also acts on post-training recovery . Indeed, the dilation of the blood vessels allowing a greater supply of nutrients in the muscles, the latter are better “nourished” and therefore regenerate better after your sessions. Your body will be ready to take the next session in optimal conditions.
Boosting your energy is one of the main functions of a pre-workout. In particular, this reduces any fatigue and lasts throughout your training without a drop in speed. PUMP RX will allow you to avoid a drop in intensity in the middle of a session and to maintain your energy without a drop in concentration. Thanks to the action of creatine, you will already feel more dynamic and more motivated from the start of the session. Improving explosiveness and muscle strength , you'll feel  powerful congestion from your first sets and be equipped to take it to the next level.
Beta-Alanine will also help you boost your energy and repel feelings of muscle pain. This will allow you to train more intensely and above all for longer.

By increasing your energy, your stamina and your concentration, it is indirectly your strength that will be improved. Beta-Alanine and L-Arginine increase your concentration and your reactivity, you will be more explosive. The improved oxygen and nutrient supply will also go a long way in helping you build more strength during exercise. In addition, PUMP RX is also particularly rich in creatine, which is extremely useful for strength and short and intense efforts found in particular in bodybuilding.


Used well, your pre-workout will be a powerful ally in your most intense workouts. Nevertheless, it should be used correctly in order to reveal its full potential and not suffer the opposite effects of those sought.

  • You have to manage your timing well : Once you arrive at the gym, it is already too late to take your pre-workout. Indeed, the complete assimilation of the product and the appearance of its effects take place at least 30 minutes after having consumed it. This may vary according to body type, but keep as a rule to consume your pre-workout a good half hour before your session.
  • Avoid consuming it before each workout : Indeed, your body is a formidable machine that adapts very quickly - which will gradually make the effects less noticeable. We advise you to reserve your pre-workout for the most intense sessions (legs rather than arms for example). If you take it too often, the body will need larger doses to feel the same effects, which will tire you out and make the effect counterproductive.
  • Do not overdose your consumption : Due to the potency of PUMP RX , it is strongly recommended not to exceed the prescribed dose. If your dosage is too high, you will exceed your optimal boost state, become numb and experience unwanted side effects.

We go to great efforts to ensure that the information on this page is accurate at the time that the page was last edited. As we are constantly reviewing and developing our products to meet our consumer needs, consumers, particularly those that suffer from allergies and intolerances, should always check product labelling, warnings, and directions provided with the product that is delivered, prior to use or consumption.