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About Us

 Our Mission (Philosophy)

Through our business operations, we aim to contribute towards a healthier society. We would love to see people eat healthier, take care of their body-temples and live happier lives in harmony with themselves and with each other. For those individuals with more physical/sportive targets, we promote and enhance the reaching of optimal states of performance in various sporting disciplines. We are most happy to help people reach targets of weight loss/gain and to see people overcome medical challenges/issues. Whatever our contribution can be towards these educationally-worthy areas of life, we are in earnest to contribute. In all our dealings we cater for specific/individual requirements and build personal rapport/relationships with customers and the people we serve.

A Company Overview

Nutrition Empire are wholesalers, importers, distributers, retailers of food supplements, healthy food products, all types of sports nutrition and supplementation aiming to deliver high quality products in the most cost-effective and efficient way to our partners and customers.

We are a young, dynamic, efficient and reliable team, dedicated to meet the needs of our partners and clients and at, the same time, be open to new business opportunities, links/connections and operations.
All our products are available for purchasing online (shipping internationally!) as well as in our retail outlet in Zabbar.
Additionally, we distribute to pharmacies, health shops, gyms and health centers.

We are exclusive agents of:


  • PHD Nutrition* for Malta, Libya and Tunisia,
  • OhYeah! bars for Malta,
  • Oat King Bars for Malta and Libya,
  • Life Food products for Malta


* All our range of Sports Supplements are at par with Malta Standard Authority.

At our retail outlet, we have a qualified nutritionist in attendance [call (356) 2180 9989 for appointment].

Our extensive product range includes the following categories:


  • Sports Nutrition
  • Fat Loss Products
  • Protein, Oat and Fruit Bars
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Herbal Teas
  • Health Food (Organic and Natural Food)
  • Gluten-, Wheat-, Yeast- Free
  • Milk-, Lactose-, Egg- Free
  • Diabetic Products
  • Vegans and Vegetarians
  • Soya Products
  • Healthy Drinks
  • Personal Care
  • Sexual Vitality
  • WorkOut Accessories
  • Essential Oils
  • Cereals
  • Orthopaedic products


Thus, our products meet the whole range of health requirements of people, including athletes, women’s fitness, men’s fitness, models, hardcore body-building enthusiasts, weight loss/gain issues and nutritional requirements catering for most common food conditions.
Our Orthopaedic products cover areas such as 'Memory Foam Pillows and Mattresses', Lower Back Car Support, Correcting Shoulder Support, Sacroiliac Support Belt, Lumbar Support, Full Chair Insert Support (ideally for elderly and people with special needs), Bed Relaxer (ideal for reading or watching TV in bed), Sciatica Support.

Our product range is constantly growing, as are the countries we service/export/ship to.


Serving YOU with Gratitude
We look forward to serve you and your loved ones, to increase our operations and to extend our services to our clientele. We welcome all those who show interest and agree with our philosophy. We strive to do our utmost to build a healthier society, to build on education rather than interpretation while enjoying the whole journey of fulfilling our mission.


Shop Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday

9:00am - 8:00pm


9:00am - 1:00pm



Nutrition Empire Co. Ltd.
Company trading number: 08/751.

VAT no: MT18908214